Craig Drennen
AWFUL Inside SaltworksAWFUL Outside (from "In the Mezzanine" exhibition" at Ramapo College)AWFUL Inside Florida MiningAWFUL Inside Florida Mining (installation)AWFUL Inside Florida Mining (DETAIL)AWFUL Inside SamsøñAWFUL Inside Samsøñ (installation)AWFUL Inside Samsøñ (DETAIL)SCHRECKLICH Inside helper & AWFUL Inside helperSCHRECKLICH Inside helperAWFUL Inside helperSCHRECKLICH Inside helper & AWFUL Inside helper (installations)"Craig Drennen Is Awful" exhibition image, helper, Brooklyn NYCraig Drennen is AWFUL 1Craig Drennen is AWFUL 2Awful Outside1-Hour Awful (for Apemantus)
AWFUL (for Apemantus)
The AWFUL performances and installations are dedicated to the character of Apemantus.